A Shrewdness of Apes? What a Trip!

Just now I Googled the word to describe a group of goats and was delighted to see that at the top of several lists of collective nouns is the word “shrewdness” for a group of apes. Who knew?

If I try to use that word, few but an expert in collective nouns (like the folks from the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center who’ve compiled this list or the clever people at a site called Hints and Things who’ve put together this one) would know what I mean. Oh, and maybe the owners of a modern art gallery and an “acoustic/electric trio from Richmond, Virginia” would understand too. But that’s it!

Still, I love that the word is so complimentary to apes.

By the way, goats gather in a flock, herd, tribe or trip. Trip? Another wonderfully weird word.

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