Weddings+Snow=Spring in New York City

My friends John and Vincent got married today. Like my husband and I, they’ve been together for nearly 30 years (29 in their case, to be exact), so in a sense, the wedding was putting a bit of legal icing on the cake of their relationship (a horrible metaphor but weddings make me think of cake, I guess). I was honored and joyful to serve as a witness, and I also got a kick out of seeing once again the clockwork machinations of the Manhattan Marriage Bureau. There were hundreds of folks there when we arrived, each group waiting for their number to be called.

It was the first day of Spring, a typically fickle time weather-wise, so it seemed appropriate that by the time we left, snow had begun to fall.  By late afternoon, the trees in Riverside Park were thoroughly (and beautifully) covered.

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